School Prospectus Photography

Over recent years we have experienced a growing demand for our services in this area. We have developed a very proven and successful procedure in capturing those images that best reflect the environment the school /academy offers. Please take time to view our comprehensive gallery of images Schools and colleges we work with. To view our client school list please click here.

We follow a very sensible agenda that keeps disruption to classes down to a minimum and allows the students to concentrate on their brief time as our models without any distraction. We firmly believe that as with most things preparation is very important and by following some or all of the following point’s better results can be achieved.

» Select a small group of students who are happy and comfortable to be part of the photo shoot.
» Kidz in Focus shoot director and photographer will informally introduce themselves to the group and brief them on what the shoot will entail and make them as comfortable as possible plus answer any questions they may have.
» Ensure you have a good mix of students in terms of gender and culture.
» Free the selected group from lessons for the required period of the photo shoot.
» Plan the locations required and time needed in each department. » Preferably use free class rooms, if this is not possible make relevant staff aware of possible disruption as shoot takes place and encourage them to where possible congregate the class being taught in a group away from the.
» In primary and prep locations we would encourage the use of Teachers in scenes –organise accordingly.
» If possible reward the students with house points or similar or similar recompense.

Nicchi Cannon, School Secretary | Shrewsbury High Prep School Testimonial

"I wanted to modernise our school photography and it was really important to find a local company. Kidz in Focus fitted all of my requirements and much more". From finding the right locations within school for our traditional portrait photographs to providing innovative and exciting photography for our school drama, music and sport, their service has been superb. Being able to work closely with the photographers and discuss our requirements, coupled with Kidz in Focus' great attention to detail, we are able to provide our parents with some great photographs of their children and have received many laudatory comments."

We seek to build up a solid working relationship with our schools, which is based on quality, trust, value for money and reliability. Please feel free to view or download our Child Protection Policy (CPP).